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Related article: Date: Wednesday, December 1, 2010 January 31 20 -0700 From: Jacob Miller u003cjacobmillertex aol. com u003e Subject: Under the Mask : Chapter 24 { Under the Mask is pure fiction. When I'm in this story, I get the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look Under 14 Models elsewhere. This is a love story. Since it is a story of love, sex is there but is in the realistic balance in the lives of the characters. Any resemblance to actual events names, or events in life is purely at random. If you are under age, (according to state law as a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or someone in your ad area, or is illegal for you to view such content which is reading to n stop reading the story. This story may not be distributed in any form or manner without my explicit consent. } Posted by JPG Chapter 24 Ashton slammed his fist on the mattress of his bed, as he finished reading his office. He got up and walked over to his deputy. He told him to for all the grassDERS together for a brief meeting in the lounge. did not take long to collect all the lieutenants in the lounge. Once I saw Ashton, as she expected, went to the central table. He sat s down and kept the rest. At first all Ashton has to look around and then took out the letter was that he used in the mail. " Recently I received a message from the county. Our guide is not happy with what is happening on several fronts. All that we are responsible for the freeze was y undelivered. From Alex to exit, we can not get a by. ' s not happy, Mr. Flores or the other until the system. I need to know how Alex came through things and need to know how yesterday. the freezing must have an end, or we are gone. Our band does not believe that the county or in prison, without what we send. so if you do not want , is the fear for his life, you better find a way to for our shit. " Ashton looked at to ensure that allmade them understand the urgency that is. He wants them to see the face that is serious. if not get it done, Ashton is going to be the old path. He never believed in the new way that Alex tried to move the band in any case. " Another disturbing element is that Mr. Flores n to lose our opportunity to get Carlos, Alex 's right hand. He does not want his grandparents to live here in El Paso, instead, she lives with her grandparents Under 14 Models in Florida. need to find out where in Florida so we reach our members to n on and we must do things. the mean time, we have reach all we know here to find Alex. he must be found and killed. no doubt that s to be done. Trying get to what your employees and take n to where he is. Us can not afford to lose as we did Carlos. " " Ashton, is there any chance that Alex had left El Paso to know? we all , his father had always backup planin case something fell away from him while he was still alive. There is a strong possibility that the father of Alex it said the plan before his death. " " Edwin, do not know, and we have to find out. If your father had a escape plan in case you left the band, we have to find out if you booted n Alex said and what was the plan. When Alex left El Paso, there is no way that you can get for him. " " A couple of things you want to do, but we have no one to get to,. They did a sweep and pulled in most of our gang members, that Sweep. There is no one to get to do things right now. " " Bobby, I understand that, but not close forever. More than is more likely that most of them have been published in the coming days. if n happens, we will have the wind of it. After coming to them. What The other thing that you have a problem with Bobby? "Ashton was Bobby annoying. " As you know, Mr. Flores has moved next to Alex and Carlos. I've heard a lot of Number ofIngs said. Whenever I could, I let Mr. Flores know, but s been difficult. Alex and Carlos kept a watchful eye on me. Many of the things I I heard could not reach Mr. Flores, afraid I was going to be captured. " " Dammit Bobby Come to work ! I do not need the whole damn s life story ! " " Sorry, I have heard several times in conversation with Alex about his father, Charles escape plan. There is, and Alex knew. His father never told him, but his mother did. After his father died, he told his mother together the details of the plan of his father. This plan involved going to Florida to leave the country. It the starting point to look like they came from Alex's father plan. When I heard Alex Carlos and talk about it, said they would use the house of Charles ' grandparents, on a scale of a few weeks. by the information we have, that have been in this country. " Ashton banged his fist on the table ready, as Bobby is talking about. He stoodand ordered the others to move at least the goods. He must to have a comet to Mr. Flores, in the County to let him know the bad messages. Ashton returned to his bed and began writing the comet. Bobby went to the phone call to his cousin. They were talking in code, not only that the guards would not understand, but his bandmates is not quite understand. He did not want to be surprised with the message Alex for his cousin. However, this message must be delivered Alex get to quickly. As the boys have more of their routine work and the days are used starting to go faster for them. Meets after school, go directly a printer. They usually come in about four and get all for eight weeks to get home to do homework and prepare for school. Alex Ron went to the door of the building and the alarm, as locked place. Ron was one direction and Alex went to the a further meeting with Tom and the boardents. While walking down the sidewalk, stopped a someone walking behind him. Instead of running, stopped and turned to Alex about. If it's your time to go, he thought, he is like a man to go, no running for his life. " Alex, sorry for sneaking up on you, but that's the only place I can " needs. I have an urgent message from Booby today. He said he is required to give to get as quickly as possible. " I saw the young Alex as he stood in the middle of the sidewalk. " Mark is afraid of shit me! What is so urgent that you need come to let me know ahead of time without " " Bobby called me a meeting he and the others had only Ashton. what I understand, has something of Mr. Ashton Flowers in early the day. Among the many things that Mr. Flores is not happy at this time is the fact that Charles escaped and has not yet been captured. believe the story that Carlos is in Florida. So Bobby was, you know that talking about a leakplan your father in case things went south for him. Under 14 Models Bobby had told others Under 14 Models that His mother told him the plan, and found out that you and Charles to talk about it. In this plan, you spoke of her grandparents' Florida. They use it as a staging point before leaving the country. Now you think you have left the country as a whole. " " This is excellent news Marcos ! S excellent news, as long as no realized in a position to know that after we complete, we go to college, and when we are, we can be so different, even the mother herself my s us know. " " Well, just keep a low Under 14 Models profile until they leave. If I find something else, will ensure that you know. Other than that, you must not know again. Please note Bobby, do it for you. Perhaps you have can reach out and help him out of this place before he gets up to send the prison '. " " I will not forget those who help me. Bobby turns out to be a very good s friend. II feel bad for what had already ordered that they Under 14 Models have done with it. I'll ask and see what I can do for him. You take care and not o disrespect, I hope not to hear from you. " Alex and Mark shook hands and headed in different directions. Once to get the car, everybody uneven take so long. They stopped mocked him I had lost from the building in the parking lot. Alex took the joke, because he was only good message that was not expected to get. the moment we walked in the door , Franseca approached and hugged Alex that. it looked before dragging the other to the kitchen to eat. After eating, When Alex mentioned in his study. Alex was a finds him sitting behind the desk. is "Alex and Please have a seat. You are not any problems. " Alex came over and sat across the desk. " Jacob told me what s wrong with what happened earlier in the day. Sorry for not being able to go to the school to take care of you. I hThe display returns to support meetings throughout the day, , but I've talked to some people about it. I made ​​it very clear that I am not happy with this detective. In return, asked me what I think is right to end the detective. The answer was easy for me, and I did. I told them I wanted to be n him relief from active duty. If he did this, like many other that has it ? He was caught because the wrong person to mess with this mess time. Well, anyway, he was forced to withdraw. That means that you should not no longer have problems with it in the future. I hate when try to get others to abuse their position and what they want. " Alex could not believe that Jacob 's grandfather actually sat down to it. Came to hit and not take no for Under 14 Models an answer. It s never had that happen in your life. When tried to collect his thoughts together, said Al before Alex could. " I know it seems I used my position to him in retirement. Yes what I , but with me, what position other than what he has done. I wanted to get make a bad man, bad n the road. He turned out to be worse as he brought the criminals behind bars. He does not care about the law, did not care if the person who did it or not. All he cared about is getting people he thought were doomed to lose in the streets of the evidence. " " do not think anything bad about you Al I understand what you say and agree with you. The detective has abused its power in a bad way. She was a and made ​​sure that it could not hurt others who do not have the opportunity to defend, against him, as I do. You're nothing like him, and to we never thought we know that Thank you for everything you did for me, Al I mean really all you have Jacob for me, my family and my friend made. I know it seems that always to thank all the time, but I say it. I am very concerned s what to do and not cause any inconvenience to you or your family. No matter what I will ensurenever regret your confidence in me to be proud of me. " " I'm proud of you Alex. In the short time I was predicted, I 've proved I can trust you. They are Under 14 Models another person I thought you were. There's really nothing you can do prove yourself to me. You already have. So, why do not you come to get out of here and get ready for school tomorrow. I'm pretty sure that you have to do job. " Alex stood up, while Al stood. Introducing Alex Shake hands with , but Alex leaned forward and embraced. The Prisoner Al surprise, but he hugged Alex back. Alex broke the hug and thanked Al one time before leaving the studio. went to the kitchen to help her mother wash the dishes but found is already over. turned and went down to the scope to see what Lorenzo and Ishmael. he found rings with Matt. Alex came and came together to help Matt. looked liks Matt is losing the battle. game was down for a few hours. Shortly after ten, Alex and Matt had to go to get their homework done. Lorenzo and Ismail tried to keep them in the game room with them, but let them go to Alex and Matt. Alex promised to hang again tomorrow after he returned from work. Alex grabbed Matt's hand moved as if she House of Representatives. Franseca looked up as the boys entered it because I did not see younger boys Alex and Matt, who asked to go to Alex and. Reluctantly, Alex pass from Matt's hand and returned to Jacob his brothers to get. He does not care always to his brothers, but he s I was hoping to get some time with Matt tonight. and Ismael Lorenzo not want to leave yet. Alex explained that is is not he who wants to come home, but it is his Under 14 Models mother. After Alex mom said she got up, turned around and went home with Alex. Both Alex rose backnowledgment of receipt by him to bring his House. When he reached the back door, jumped from Alex and ran to his mother. Alex went to his mother and the goodnight kiss before back to his room. Under 14 Models He turned and said goodnight to his brothers before he entered the room. As soon as he entered the room, Alex shut the door and went to sit down with Matt on the floor. Among the duties they have and take their showers, they had no time with others. He crawled through the ceiling and embraced each other for the warmth of his body. Matt wrapped his arms about Alex and the two made like a light in their time heads on the pillow. You were earlier than usual because I had to wear their uniforms ROTC together. Alex repeatedly threw the uniform jacket through the room because I could not get it right. As soon as he got near the diagram as possible stopped playing with Alexit. He dressed and put in his jacket as he left the house. Jacob helped Alex and Matt for breakfast before heading to school. He took out a ruler and made ​​sure that everything is in uniforms, where they belong. When they got the uniforms located , went to the truck. Alex kept pulling his neck. is not wear a tie more than used to wear a tie to school. Both Alex and Matt Jacob saw as he left the house with his jacket. Can not believe everything you have on your jacket. Alex returned to Matt and began to whisper in his ear. " It took over an hour to get the uniforms ready this morning. You Can imagine how long it takes to get to Jacob his uniform ready? The type is in which a lot of things, I'm surprised it does not fall face down on the pavement. ", laughed Matt himself, what Alex said that when Jacob got into the truck. Jacob was a again to Alex and Matt to see what's so funny. Jacob notes that only Alex and Matt laughter, no one knows what the joke. It s turned around and left the unit. The truck with life chatter all the way to school. Before entering the cafeteria, Alex moved to Charles on the side to deliver the messages you got when I was working yesterday. While Carlos tells the message , Alex keeps pulling his neck. Carlos is thrilled to is the message heard, almost abandoned in the cafeteria. It took every ounce of in the power of the body of Alex not laugh at him Carlos. In the course of their classes in the morning, Alex found himself looking at the world uniform. I wanted to see if what Jacob said during the breakfast is the truth. that must be seen in another of the same bands, but not much. It s also saw that they were all shooting badges. He wants, but not know how you can get. He made a mental note to make sure to make Jacob s about how to obtain an ID card shot. For Dewayne work today, everyone knows to be ago Taco Bell for lunch. They met in the well of Jacob in the food truck. in minutes, went to Taco Bell. Alex noticed when he went to how busy they are. Jacob parked and went late into the reception line. It was not long until you see your records in order to be in It took less time to get your food. Like school, she sat at the at the same table, they have been here since I started coming to lunch. Alex Jacob noticed looking at the counter. At first, Alex was thinking, that Dewayne Jacob looked as usual, but when Alex looked at Jacob the second time, he realized in the face of Jacob is not normal appearance, the s that is, if studied at Dewayne. Alex looked over the counter and saw , which put on the skin of Jacob. is a young, a little bitch behind the counter. It is so obvious that she likes Dewayne blind can see. Said Dewayne review against their hands, and even sometimes rubbing her ass against him. Then set the top Dewayne that surprised even Alex who have the courage I had to do. looked at James and I could see that Jacob not completely satisfied with what he sees. If they continue with what you are doing, is as Jacob jump on the counter and the dog to beat. As Alex turned to her, did what he does, Alex did something that bottlenecks his nachos. , whispered, if you want to call whisper, loud enough for all in earshot could hear in the ear Dewayne. Since the session table near the bar, he heard, as if she talks to them. " I've known guys who say gay, but after seeing me, I go is even. A piece like none I can gay and want to lose the another. Give me a chance and I teach you what I miss. " Everything Dewayne says ` no 'and went to work. Alex looked over Jacob and you can see who is smokingg crazy. He has to keep her ass instead. He did not move the eyes of the girl. From the looks of it, wants the girl who tried to kill his friend is taken away. Jacob his chance when he asked the manger to go to the bathroom and let them it. Everyone at the table saw Jacob, when he rose from the table. Hunting David and Tom got to try to stop Jacob, but Jacob was simply n through it. Alex can tell you that Jacob is not only crazy, but it is hurting. That's what Alex does not understand. You heard what Dewayne said, that should be enough for Jacob to know that the girl has no chance with Dewayne. " Heather I am afraid that Jacob is a stupid. Please go there and make sure it does not. It's not just crazy, but the as it seems. He always On looks back at home again. "Is Hunting in a voice almost pleading ask Heather. " If I go there and meet the girls could not stop I n. Jacob mMineral self -control than me. I could have removed of this girl. She has no right to do what they did but they did anyway. "N " You have to go and help Jacob. I'll go talk to Dewayne. Hopefully I can move freely and make the bathrooms. I that at this point, all I hear Jacob and settled Here is Dewayne. "Alex left his nachos. Heather agreed and stood up while Alex stood up. She was a the bathroom, when Alex went to the bar. He asked the man recorded \\ \\ n Dewayne to reach it. he tapped on the shoulder and Dewayne Dewayne turned around. went to see Alex, what I needed. " Dewayne, go to the bathroom. We've all heard what the girl I said and I think Jacob is totally scared. Honestly, I think it all I hear now. Just pull and calm. " not a word back to Alex Rodriguez, went to his manager to let her we know that hand need to use the bathroom. The manager relieved him in the counter steam. Dewayne left the fighting back and went to the is the bathroom. Alex returned to the table and took the other. Shortly after Alex returned to all, Heather sat down too. by Search for Heather, she hardly not jump on the counter and beat the crap out of Under 14 Models the girl. With a smile, Tom went to conversation with Heather, but the smile is all it took. She laughed, as saw the smile on the face of Tom that she was in love. Under 14 Models " You know that your smile has always been my jelly legs. This is the is one thing you never forget. You Under 14 Models know how they feel o better, no matter what I felt at that time. all you need is that that smile. "Heather Tom rested his cheek, making everyone else laugh. is still very confusing, Alex looked around the table. He sees Jacob furious, but it is not. Dewayne is gay and so did Jacob no tor worry with this girl. Well, if he meets another man Dewayne would be a different story. He looked around the table waiting for someone to fill this. " Out of respect for Jacob. ? Do not want to exceed my limits Under 14 Models here, but I confused by how angry Jacob take this girl to Dewayne Dewayne is gay and there is no that girl is going to change that. " " This is what Jacob thought Joey and see what happens. Jacob always come through other guys to steal Joey away and worried. that \\ \\ n lost Joey, Joey, and he felt Under 14 Models or thought that he is right. lost his first friend s with a girl, so I was so up in arms as a whole is something. "Chase put the last piece of his donkey in the mouth. Alex shook his head and said not a word. Now understand why Jacob was so angry, but he has to rely on Dewayne. Joey fucked up, that does not mean that Dewayne is doing the same. Alex ate the rest of his nachos cold silence. YesDewayne cob returned to his side. Were achieved, and all begun to pick up your trash. Since we already in a race against time, Dewayne talked for a few minutes before the n to trucks. again all the way to school, no one said a word about what has happened above. At first they talked about work, but the conversation turned to about how Alex and Matt will work with their uniforms on. Alex s not really give much thought when he woke up this morning, but now he is think about it. It gets Under 14 Models hot when working near the printer, , and ties, will be even worse. Fourth Period flew by, and this is unusual for Alex. Typically this is slowest time for him. He just returned from lunch, and every intention of day is almost complete. But instead, time passes so quickly over time. The bell rang , and he and Matt began making his way to his first inspection of the n , and the child, who is concerned ! The call for a minute that passed, began to maRCH from the bottom parking. They formed the company and waited for greater than or Moore Sergeant Haney to do the inspection. The waiting time Alex eats the heart of his s started running very poorly, as the Commander Moore and Jacob was a The company commander. Alex Moore saw the commander inspected the company commander, Sergeant In the first place and so on. It felt like an eternity to Alex, it Under 14 Models a waiting to be tested on it, Commander Moore finally put the series on the right him. The first time I saw Alex 's uniform from head to foot, before asking the first question. n "Private Hernandez, who is our commander in chief ? " "Lord, is our Commander in Chief, President George HW Bush, sir! " " Well you can call all ranks from private to colonel? " " Yes, sir, is the rank of private to colonel private lesson, private first, corporal, sergeant, sergeant first class... captain, Major and Colonel, sir! " " Well, and you can tell me who is a secretary of defense - you ? " n " Lord, our the Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney, Secretary, sir! " Great Moore turned around and moved to the next person on the team. Jacob stood at attention in front of Alex, but said nothing. Before Jacob stopped smiling, Alex, what makes you feel more comfortable on his first inspection. as soon as the Commander Moore has completed the inspection, which were divided into two y squads went back to building ROTC. Alex looked up to see Jacob walked beside him. Jacob and Matt congratulated by the existence of of its first inspection. But I could not say a word because they are in a n. \\ \\ n to the inspection of fact, Alex felt more comfortable the rest of the in the afternoon. en route to Under 14 Models work took off his tie, his shirt unbuttoned n and threw his jacket in the when out of the car trunk. him and Matt dedicated his film work in the office for more information about running Ron 's company. when the final bell sounded, Steve ran to make sure not to be missed Robert. Due to their absence in the same placemore, but were not in together, as they leave prison. He found Robert walking of the school through the front doors. " Hey Robert, Robert, please wait a minute. " Steve has Robert before the steps. " Do not miss me, so I, since we left the system, we have not seen much of each other next to the school. I miss the time with you. Not only physically, but \\ \\ n talking to you. " " sorry for not spending time with you. since you have the is the curfew that Alex and Matt, it's like you already have on the already \\ \\ n mission to change that. you may not agree with me when I say that we here in the of freedom because of Alex. know Under 14 Models that our lives were in danger, but not is no longer in this location. " " I'm sorry Robert, I really am. from now I'll keep my nose of thing is not my business, I promise. I really do not know n for I acted like I found a couple of things these to Alexd Mat. You are right in everything and I downloaded the all that. " " Well, I missed you so much, I think, is going to explode my balls. "Robert grabbed his balls through his jeans as he took the hand of Steve. " We have Under 14 Models a couple of hours to be together before we have to be in our homes. Where to go and be busy? " Steve, he just Robert. He has never been so strongly with him. " Now we can go home and tell my parents that you and I can not be together the duties. Of course, you will make our task of Biology First, if you follow me... " Everything Robert 's smile, and Steve got his answer. As fast as he could , who went to Steve's house. When she Under 14 Models came in, Steve Robert his mother before leave, going to Steve 's room. Shortly before Steve shut the door and told his mother to make the job. Under 14 Models Steve closed the door before that Robert. Robert was only in the middle of Steveroom ' S looking around. Steve felt the arms of around his chest, looked around. Their lips met Steve and s started to kiss. Little Steve out their hands to the stomach in the chest, Robert and then to his waist. It is surprising that Robert did not fight Steve s everything always happens unbuckled his belt and then his Under 14 Models jeans. He did it as if is second nature to him. Steve Roberts moved slowly down her jeans legs until it fell to the ankles. Robert tried to turn, but Steve would not allow it. With Under 14 Models your right hand, Steve Roberts started stroking his cock through his underwear. Because Robert hard enough, Steve was not much to do, pat search there, , and he knew it. He turned to Robert and fell on his knees before Robert. I missed the underwear and Robert Roberts took his cock in the the mouth. Immediately back of her throat, Steve Robert Dick, what Robert sorry. Steve began to worry that her Under 14 Models mother could hear Robert sorry for whatHe arrived with his left hand. To suck the first finger in the mouth of Robert Robert, but s not dampen the groans. Steve thought for a second finger, and groans, Robert were high enough that his mother took him to listen. Finally, Steve put his third figure in the mouth, and Under 14 Models Robert, who did the trick. Roberts got groans muffled like Robert Steve licked his fingers. When Robert approached his peak, he began working with Steve pull his hair. no s the intention of doing that, but he wants to warn Steve that is about cum. Steve Roberts missed the cock from her mouth when he took his finger the mouth of Robert. He got up and replaced his finger with his tongue Robert in the mouth. Robert began to unbutton the jeans from Steve and pulled down to the ankle by Steve without breaking the kiss. Then he pulled the underwear down Steve, in turn, the cock Steve meets Robert came between her legs. Robert fell to his knee and was about to take Steve 's cock in his mouth when Steve threw I. insurance "We have not had sex in a while. I know the time your sweet sit the mouth on my tail going to explode. Every day at school, could not I n eyes fall on top of your bubble. I have really wanted to be inside you so wrong. ¿ I can please, I love my tail when it feels inside you. " " you not always need these questions to ask, of course. I have so many dreams wet that you are in me, since we left the plant. Now we have correctly, you can do without worrying about someone walking in we. " Robert grabbed Steve's hand and led him to bed. Robert sat in the edge of the bed and Under 14 Models knelt Steve. Robert put back in order his back, legs in the air. Steve leaned over Under 14 Models and began to edge of the hole Roberts child tight to get wet, open, relaxed and ready. As Steve border with Robert, he used his pre -cum and get your beautiful cock Slick. Once I felt that both are willing to Steve stood up and bowed to his body Roberts. Robert looked at Stesee, to feel the prick of Steve in the from its hole. Steve gently pushed forward until his cock penetrated the tight ring , so that Robert's eyes to close and pants set. as not had sex in almost two months, Roberts hole itself tight then the last time you had sex, so Steve took his time when he slipped his dick increasingly Robert. After Steve has his whole tail Robert, he leaned over and began to kiss Robert. Robert put his legs around his waist and Steve keeps his arms around his neck, Steve, that The Kiss. Without breaking the kiss, Steve began to pull his tail. It is exactly like the head of his s about to leave, turned in. Steve did very slowly to the first, but gradually won his speed, but slows again. He wants to get this all the time you can take the last time. Steve broke the kiss, while pulling his cock Robert. Robert looked confused Steve, you are doing. Without saying a word Steve Robert moved entirely to be thed Once he reached Robert in bed, Steve crawled next to him. Without knowing what Under 14 Models is going on, Robert is to let Steve take the initiative. He can do what he wants Steve do while he softly, as he does is. this again Robert moved to his side, Robert cross your legs. He moved so about Robert, who are almost one. Steve Roberts took his cock hole and pressed against him until he returned to invade. Gradually, a few inches at a time , Steve turned to Robert and his tail does not stop until the pubic hair began to play Robert 's ass. Steve wrapped his arms around his neck and pulled her head to face Robert him. He leaned forward and began to Under 14 Models kiss Robert, as did the patients love. Among the kisses and the softness makes love Steve Robert, both felt as if moved to another plane, a plane that was never to stay, but want. At the same time, she wrapped her legs around each other. Steve broke free right hand, slowland Robert went through his chest until he came to Robert Dick. He wrapped his hand around Robert hard, leaking thick and s Robert began to stroke with a soft grip and long strokes. Robert was started in Steve 's mouth, moaning as Steve made ​​him happy on both pages. Robert tried to warn Steve that is about to be with him, but Steve did not give up kiss him to break. When he began to cum, she bit Steve lip. It is not hard, just enough to draw the attention of Steve, as if to get his shooting of his of the load is not sufficient to draw the attention of Steve. As Robert shot his load all over the bed, is held in the queue Steves as well. His hole drastic measures even more closely with their internal muscles start to what Steve to shoot. When he began to shoot his load Robert, Robert began to tremble all over. Steve runs are so strong, I felt that Steve Under 14 Models could end Robert, in fact, go all the way in the mouth ! Steve tries to catch as Under 14 Models many sperm as possible Robert, but it both shotnot all. He even tried to show the tail Robert to his face and try some of the sperm, but Robert does not want to break the kiss. So Steve gave up and went tail when Roberts shot and killed juice in bed and the wall. As soon as you shoot your load is finished, did not move. They stayed in the same position, Steve is still no tail in the ass and Robert Hand is wrapped around Robert tail. To the surprise of Steve, Robert no soft even after shooting his load. He really can feel your heartbeat Roberts that gave Robert 's cock. This feeling was in the queue, since it contradicts could feel the heart beat on his cock still buried in Dallas. The two put their heads on the pillow, eyes closed, try to return to the breath. Robert 's cock began to go as soon as Steve can go Under 14 Models soft. Steve Gallo did the same, and left Robert 's ass. untangled his legs and his back and put side by side. You were there like this for for a time before one of them moves again. Robert looked at his watch to see the time. He jumped in the realization of for the love of a little over two hours. He crawled into bed Steve, with his vest, hurried to clean the dried cum almost him. Once thought I could not be cleaner, began to get runs through the room dressed in his clothes cut from Steve in some groups in the center of the room. The whole time, as Robert walked around and tried to get her clothes together, Steve just looked at him. Finally got up and pulled me toward him. They sat in bed, putting on shoes. Once you put your shoes, Steve, Robert moved to a kiss. Not wanting to Robert away from the kiss, he grabbed his books. Robert and Steve went to the door of Casa in a hurry, but I stopped by Steve's mother on the road. trying to be friendly as possible, but also knowing that it is not that time, Robert said goodbye to Steve's mother. he walKed House Under 14 Models with Steve followed him to the fence of the yard before return. You are worried about Robert started as fast as he could walk home. Do not even bother look both ways when he ran through the streets on their way. Few times a car almost hit him. But not discouraged at all Robert. He knows that if in your home by curfew, which will arrest system n. Robert went home with four minutes left. He closed the front the door and leaned against him to catch his breath. Looking around, Robert clear, it is not a home yet. He got up and went to his room of sweaty clothes and take a quick shower. He has not only smells sweat as now, but he just had sex. Now, instead of going home, Alex and Matt went to Ron o retirement community. You need to do their community service hours. If display the next time you report to have done without some of their Hours of civilians, probatioNo official to get a None of them want to know that his probation officer to have a pretext revoked and sent back to the house. As soon as they arrived, they went to register at the reception. Ron went to his room when the boys came Alex and Matt signed receipt , but the lady who usually welcomed, this is one that responsible for community service hours, there. He stood there and waited, , but Matt had to leave to go to the bathroom. Alex asked for his signature and is to meet with him in Ron's room. Alex thought about where in the world is the lady. He started walking , but decided to stay at their desks. He does not want to go in one direction and it has nowhere to go. When he returned to the table , greeted him, the hacker middle-aged woman with a smile. " Well, good night, the girl, who never expected to see this the night. Are you here on your own or your friend is nice to you OK? " " No , is here, as MattWell, just had to use the bathroom. We arrived directly from work here in an hour or so before coming to get home at night. " " This is good, I'm going to sign so you can get credit for the hours You are here tonight. Do you know where Mr. Baird is in the room, right? " It keep writing, waiting for their response to Alex. " Yes, ma'am, I know where Ron's room. I'll head down right now. If you check to make sure that Matt is here for, is there. " " No, honey, you do not, I trust you. When you say that he is here, he is here. Please do not stay too late, Mr. Baird will rest, because it go early to work again. Man is not happy when he has to do run y all the time. " He laughed Alex, who agreed with her. He went to Ron's room, called before entering. When he arrived, he found Ron and Matt are already sitting relax from the time of their work. Alex came over and joined Matt in the the couch. "So I really want to know how was your first day in uniform? I know that had to be n erve-wracking. I remember my first inspection, as if yesterday. Man, I was not afraid to have breakfast in the morning of my control, and that E n, I just throw it all again. " " I can tell, I got very close to it, with my lunch. Our inspection was not until our fifth class. We had to wear our uniform all day and keep it as if just cause. Several times people came to in my shoes, I wanted to kick his ass, but of course I did not. I again shone before our inspection of the best I could. " " Yes same thing happened to me, but unlike Alex, which actually pushes a guy across the hall. I really thought that the man took a step in my shoes target. I was so angry by the time it took to get that not actually appear, "says Matt. " Why do not you buy the patent leather shoes ? Those who do not need to shine, just remove the dust. I have a few some of them somewherein storage. " Ron leaned over to her drink coffee table to get. " We are not allowed use in this program. The only people that allowed, must be used at the same time we can not just officers, corporals and sergeants use it at all, and that sucks too. " " No, this is not the case, it is fair. They deserve the right to receive certain privileges. Who is your army instructor is following the rules, a T. While I was in the army, the only persons authorized to carry, these shoes were also officers. This tells me that his teacher old school, as they say. " Alex and Matt laughed at himself, as Ron said, the old school. This is about as a teenager, but he had. He deserves it, which, is. must work hard at it, with people less than half of of age. " I know that all the way up I checked, I could not think is pair. When Commander Moore came and began to look at my uniform, I thought I would lose at that time. Under 14 Models Then he has to playTo ask Ted, ask n me. One by one, and I answered them, without even thinking about. I did not think I would do. " " Why is not Alex, you are very intelligent. Keeps you don down. It is you who does not think it means more than you think so as possible. With what you and your friends have told me that you are the intelligent the group. "Ron saw Matt when he left. " Do not get me wrong Matt, you're as smart Under 14 Models as Alex. Both are a perfect because they cancel each other, which makes them highly complementary. " " Sorry Ron, but I am what you mean confused. Alex and I are n ot very different. The Under 14 Models only major difference is that we live and how they were raised. Despite these differences, which landed to the same place after screwing. " " Matt, who did not understand what I mean. You are the only thing keeping land Alex. You are one reason why it is kept away from its life age. Alex here has a pastwhere things by fighting and that helped to see is not the only way. You were strong when you press Alex, but Alex made ​​it even more. They bring the kind of site Alex and Alex brings the strong side of you. " Matt saw Alex to know what Ron says is true. They help each other with their strengths. Every time one of them is weak, the other helps them stay strong in this area. this is why they are as well along n. None of them really thought of it as before Ron above. "Look guys, I am part generation in this country who think it is gay ugly and should be hung and killed. We were taught , this kind of hatred, because our parents taught us to know that nobody has the fault really, because no one understood how someone could love the same sex to do both. I know what we were taught was wrong. I need to understand that When I was young, was not the word 'gay ' as it is used, usetoday. if was used, which meant happy and carefree. There was really no word for gay when I was growing up. The name came only come much later. Even then, the company denounced this kind of life together. Now, since you see two, I really think that nothing bad to be gay. You love and respect each other. Do not act all differently than does a normal guy and that's what I like. So who cares what happens s in the privacy of your own home, I will not. You are very good together n and I promise you that some heterosexual couples who want a ratio as close to what you have. " Out of respect for Ron, Alex and Matt not kiss, but she wanted to. Were carried out only hand tight as Ron finished speaking. After Ron , they leave, so Ron does not feel uncomfortable in their own Homes. " you do not have to stop your hands while you are with me. The does not bother me at all. Also, if you kiss, do not bother to me. I know who I am and who andou guys are. So you do, please, whenever that Under 14 Models are around me. I can understand why you can not do at work, but here You can hold hands and kiss, if desired. " " Thanks Ron, I appreciate it. Out of respect for you, we will times shake hands, kiss never happened. We know you are okay with it, but Do not do it in public. We have many stories about those who point to read his love in public. I do not want Matt became part of those stories of. " " Well, I had to say my peace and I have. I know I left it we speak. Some, as we finished talking about the first day of and uniform in this topic ! I do Under 14 Models it sometimes and when I do, You have to pull the boys are back on track, or we will have a lot of issues to open simultaneously. " sat there in the last 30 minutes talking about his inspection. Alex and Matt Ron told the questions were asked. That brought laughter from Ron, when she asks he says. He actually can be answered thatBut of course with different names for the positions as Commander in Chief and the Battalion Commander. Each one of them, when they heard a knock on the door. Ron got up and went to see who it is. When Jacob was opened, but no Dewayne. He invited her to the room, while Alex and Matt was ready to go. " Ron want Dewayne, Dewayne the meeting is Ron. " Ron Dewayne shook hands. " He's my soulmate ! " Jacob smiled when he saw a Ron 's apartment. " So Matt and Alex are ready ? You are better to be in o home in time before your little bracelets out. " " bracelets bit my ass ! " Alex took his leg pants. "I think it is actually heavier than my two legs together. I can say this s much, if this is removed, this is my leg is much stronger than the other leg. " Alex began hit his right leg when he spoke of the leg is stronger. Everyone laughed as Alex and Matt put on their jackets. Said tHeritage was dismissed on leaving the apartment. Alex was Jacob , given that it is much more comfortable than it was at lunch. In fact, seems to come from two straight sex. It has a brightness of his This is only about sex. " I know what you think Alex, but you have your mind off of ditch. We just love each other. We can not seem to get find a way to stop think of others, while not using any else. " " that's easy, it is not possible! there is no way to stop thinking that you can person you love while away from this person. every time I am not with Alex, I can not help wondering about him. even though I'm sitting with him, I can not stop thinking him. "Matt leaned over and kissed a Alex 's neck when he reached the car. Alex and Matt saw the Under 14 Models truck as he walked from the parking lot, not of Jacob car. When she went to the car, they thought they were in the first for someone elseCars. Then they realized that Jacob and Dewayne got into the car. On the way they talked about finding a girl to chase. Alex saw that Jacob Chase, really want to be happy. Their friendship is almost as brotherly love. The way we know each other, if you do Under 14 Models not know, would think they are brothers. The next morning Alex woke up really before Matt. He retired from the the bed and went to the shower because he had the night before as usual. When he went to the door of his room, Alex scratched his head. He just can not remember to take off last night or in the ceiling. The last thing he remembers is completing its task. Then Matt got up take a shower, and he was waiting for Matt to return to the room you may take your shower. He lay in bed, his legs dangling from the it, to rest your eyes. That was it, that was the last she remembered Alex does. grabbed the towel to know that only the United Nations shoulddressed him, and that leads to bed, Matt. But why not wake up, everything that Alex could Under 14 Models think. I can not imagine waking up tired even if someone stripped and moved his body from the Under 14 Models ceiling. Once took a shower, Alex returned to his room soaked. Matt looked up Under 14 Models at him and could not stop laughing. He stood up and pulled Alex to him. He helped Alex to dry your back, buttocks and hair. Alex loves to that if Under 14 Models it is so spoiled by Matt. The feeling that gets in his mind is very close to him feel while you are with sex. After she got dressed, went to breakfast before a in school. Franseca had their plates already on the table as soon as went to the door. Franseca Alex pulled the oven, where they could only talk to him. " Alex can not do what you did last night. You can not go to work Under 14 Models up to eight years and then go and Under 14 Models do community service hours. Make your community hours of service weekends, notDays a week. Type in even before leaving high school. I do not know what's going on , in this house. All adolescents and young adults behave when must act like children, but not get into trouble. " Under 14 Models Alex could not really believe that his mother asked him not to work that hard. " Mom, I promise I will not kill me. I know how much I push me, but I'll do what you are asking me to do. I will do my hours of community service on weekends, where I can get more time to have the same. Be " Alex went to the table and joined the others. He ate quickly, because the else in him to wait until the end. As soon as we finished eating, all went to the van for the trip to school. As always, Jacob stayed with Dewayne and did their thing in the morning before they could start. When he entered the cafeteria , joined Steve and Robert. the only the absence of the group of friends is Carlos. Alex could not help, but o wonder why they have not been joined yet. As he sat, he saw Carlos run over with her tray. This made Alex a little easier to breathe when he saw a Carlos. " So Carlos, which woke up late this morning? You see the clothes as if drawn n of the basket and you look like you crawled into bed. Under 14 Models You must have had a hell of a Under 14 Models night out after us did last night. "n "I wish ! this is work and school, so my ass come right now. I can to do both, if I am in my grandparents' do good. keep me awake all night. you wake me up for something that to eat, drink or medicine. seems as if somehow I am do not know almost asleep when they call to me. " " Well, that will end soon, right? his mother and stepfather is on this side of the city during the coming Under 14 Models weeks move on. " " does not move on this page of the city. could not the put the money in time for the deposit and first months and the last Rent. She lost the apartment and not have the money for a few months at least. This means I have to stay with my grandparents, I'm not a problem. I just need some rest at night. You have to ask me all that before I go to bed. This not going to call me every hour to to get something. " " You should know by now what they have to spend the night. You must all together and give their grandparents before going the bed. So you can be on their side to look after them and get some sleep. " " I know you're right Alex, but I do not think I care of them. I will be a list of things they need each night use it as a checklist before going to bed. This way I can get a dream through the night. " Alex and Matt the other conversation. There was much more than You can make more than passing Carlos said. Alex has his friend feels But again, there is nothing I can do I can to help. If I had the money Carlos to give Alex I'd do it. At the time that is not even get your first paycheck and do not know when he wants. As the owner s, who does not know how you get paid. " Oh, Charles I spoke to Jacob and he talked with people, the establishment of print the offer community service hours. He realized that we until the people like us, come in their community setting hours. So if you want, I can handle it, where you can make your hours and hours of community service to do everything at once. "\\ \\ n " that would be great Alex! If you can do that for me, that's one less thing to to my probation officer too angry with me, I have to work and do hours my s of community service in the same place. the only complaint I can not. are She and Matt go to their hours of community service and doing business ? " " no, not that we can use our lessons from a place we have. they made very clear to Jacob. If you just try to do this, they will not allowdo his time with us. So we're stuck going to the Retirement Community I still I have no complaints. " Suddenly Alex and the others began to ring the the table below. They looked to see where the sound is , but it was not compiling. As she landfall again, he heard sounds more like tones out from under the table. Under 14 Models again saw a under the table to see if the sound is coming from. Alex implemented that one of the sounds Under 14 Models comes from his ankle. his pant leg pulled the red light blinks like crazy view. that Matt looked and looked at her ankles. When he pulled his pants leg n that is like what happened with Alex! Both have their Anklets is triggered. you rose from the table and left the cafeteria. Robert, Steve Charles and joined them to disappear the hall with his ankle n. had no idea what is going on. they are, they belong to, be , So that the ankle was not going to disappear because of them as follows. " Let's go to the principal's office to see what we have to do over This. The same time I'm going to call my mother and she calls to help Al we. Actually I have other ideas what else to do. " started Alex to go down the hall to the principal's office and the other Under 14 Models followed. They entered the office sound, looked Students with them, but I had to but Pieper, who are unaware they carry the ankle. Alex went to the counter to ask, see the director , while the other took place. client Michaels left to Under 14 Models see Alex standing there. "Who is getting beeper, turn it off. You do not know which enabled pager in school. " Director Michael looked around. " If you do not This call buzzer from now, I take it away. You do not get up at the end of the semester. " " Michaels main sounds are heard no pager ". Alex drew their lMichaels as main show what he is talking again. "Suddenly, in the cafeteria, he left. I had no idea what to do, so I came here just hoping you know what to do it. " "This is a new one on me, I have no idea what to do. first, we guys in the conference room where the other students will not hear this of noise. " Michaels greeted all major the conference room. "Until now, You did a great job, do not let anyone know about the things s. " Before Alex began, he asked permission to call his mother and Director Michaels gave him permission. If the phone and heard Franseca Alex at the other end could hear the panic in his voice. that s attached to them and asked Alex Al is there as fast as are possible. Alex hung up the phone and leaned back in his seat. Everything seemed so nervous, what's going on. The signal is already in your nerves and can not do anything about it. All they could do is sit there and see what is for them to camp. client Michael went back into the conference room without looking happy. "I called to see what is happening with their anklets, but it is good news. What little information they are willing to give me that if they leave. This means it must be that you are in Under 14 Models that no. I do not understand, because you should be in school now. the police asked me to keep it here in the office, they can down and you. I asked them to turn off the beeps at least, but can not in his office. they will do everything possible to turn off the squeak sitting. so close, and we are in reason to go. you are in it should be. " as the client, Michael left, Alex realized the multi- campus security standing at the door. He looked around the table to see if anyone saw it too. Those in the door of the only made. ªey saw Alex and did not understand a word they say, do Have the other. After being there for 30 full minutes, his ankles were rotated out. The red light turned green. This does not mean they are of of forests. You still have to wait to see what the police say, that talk of demons, the same detective and four uniformed police walked through the door. " This is a retirement gift for me, man -o- man what a gift he said. That his client that shows you exactly how his father and here we are. You are \\ \\ n me right for breaking the rules of his probation. "Detective looked at Alex with a big smile on his face. " You know the routine get up and all of their pockets. " " Excuse me, Dick, if you move another inch, you will be the one to Exit here in handcuffs. " When he went to the conference room. " If I do wrong, is not allowed in the vicinity of Alejandro Garcia. Do not care if th Under 14 Models isand only officer on duty can not, touching, talking or even looking at Alexander. " The detective turned and called the officers in" Before all, I have the arrest warrants for these guys to see. You do not have bad I would have. Why can not arrest them for coming school. " " Lord, do not usually come to commands. We collect them and take them the city to obtain court orders. If you bring us... " " I do not care if this causes any problems, officer. In Under 14 Models fact, let call the DA and see if there are orders from these guys. Thus, you do not have to waste gas to go to find out what we know is that there are no orders. " When you enter the conference room, pulled out his wallet. As soon as come to the table, which had been a prosecutor. Chose is the number and put the phone in speaker. sounded only a few times when is the attorney's secretary answered the phone. Al called his name called a to speak with the prosecutor, went to H They were getting their greetings before Al went to work. Said , n where you are and what is happening. He asked if there is any court order, , and the prosecutor had no idea. He stood waiting When you find out, for n him. It was not long before the law went directly to the line. " In good friend of mine, no warrants for any of them. There was a breakdown in the system that made ​​all the ankle to the end. Not so District had to be mentioned is home to find this information out. there was no need to get away from what I know has to be a long day to you. " " Now I have a detective here that has a hair on the ass of the students. he can not understand that the student has to walk the straight and narrow now. Honestly, I think it's that collapsed here in the hope of \\ \\ n to get what he wants and that is to stop this young man. "looked to detective StanHolding the door. " In giving me your name, and I will do my best to carry it out of your hair. We can not go to the police to citizens, if doing anything wrong. On the other hand the police are clearly s ignore the proceedings. " " I thought he had worried that the last time I took a drive to with this guy. be removed in a few weeks, I understand But I think that this type is not going quietly into the night you really want to take this youth below, even if you have to do things " " to, I with the police.. - Commissioner of the conversation as n phone. Give me his name and badge number and I will be at least put in service desk harassed for the rest of his time. we can not forget his family or any citizen. as I said we are here to serve, and to protect and nothing else. " Al di information, the prosecutor asked before hanging with him. "It looks like you can go now. Youn is empty-handed today and in the future, please, with the arrest warrant in hand, or do not come at all. " officers saw Al with a smile on their faces, but angry as hell them, but knew they could not do anything with it n. By the looks of him, he is connected and people can not touch. apologized When she came out. the detective did not even say a word. thought it s not much more to doing so. Michael client wrote a pass from Alex and the others give their teacher. to thanked the head and left. Alex ran after Al and again thanked him for his help. to responded by saying only that it is Family and that is what families do for each other when n is difficulties. touched Alex 's shoulder, turned Under 14 Models and left school. Alex went to his first term, a again, the way it was so astonished luck. seems a question that asks again and again to be himself. same time, is always the same answer. aSure, they can in Alex's head, is not always and not screw this friendship he has with Jacob and of his family. He is now part of a larger family of the likes of which never left part. Continued... CORNER WRITER: {return welcome one and all. I hope you have of this chapter. I wanted to Move the timeline in the course of what I am, but I found myself the entry into parcels that could not leave, no questions asked. I hope do not say too much time on the plots that you get bored. If I am, let me know and I have the speed. In the beginning of the chapter continues with " Jacob" 53rd saw a much of it at the point of view Under 14 Models of Jacob, but what about the other that, there. Further to Alex, because he does not know what happened in Jacob, and the afterlife. This gives us the opportunity to remember what's going on s and me the opportunity, the things you could clarify the questions to. Now much of the land, which is JacobJacob will remain in the history. You will not see that unfold in this story. The only time I bring in the is an argument that is when I try to clarify something or go closer to what I need that was not on Jacob. Alex and Matt went through its first inspection. Alex was a little nervous , but he got through it with great success. You can only improve from for them here in this program. You have until the end of this year, and his last year in the Under 14 Models program. So there is no way to exit the program to completion. In this chapter, I will let you into the personal thoughts on Ron gay. When he explained how he was, and brought, were seen as homosexuals in the s of the time, I took some of my editor. He talked about the fact , that the words gay Under 14 Models was when I was younger I used o was not even a word. So as you can, if you write me, I do subjects that I remember in my stories. I want my editor talked to me. Unfortunately, Rick ! I think I'm movementsMore Ron ng from my editor - based than any other. I I Under 14 Models met Rick through this past year, I can write a character What I said is based. It will be different to the of course, but the core values ​​of this character is based on my editors our conversations. Some of you readers already know I'm doing this because I created character is based off. Patrick in "Shadow of My Father" is away from the suggestion of a reader and Caleb in " regrets and headaches" is based, is based off of another reader. What is happening in the world with the ankle ? These poor children have almost arrested by a system error. Thanks to Al approach, which has to go return to class instead of prison. You must exit this detective way forever. He was on the road for another two weeks to do more damage to help. Alex now sees that he is part of the family of Jacob. Al said, as simple as day. This made Alex feel very good about yourself and where is the right now. I know it isI will do my best to make pants. He has an adult in such a short time. I finally wrote a sex scene between Robert and Steve. I bet you thought to forget about it. The n again and again in history. Steve has to make the air before something happens to remove. When s do of course, Robert had opened no problem for him. They love y, together, just for a long time. In this story has received a facelift in the last four chapters or so. It is very exciting to come in chapters, trust me, I know the right now that many of the ancient land in this story, I reserve the right, his head in spiders n, is happening. After completing this chapter, you can not wait the next article in the new stage. Thank you for the next save each week and read my messages. I hope I'll never let guys are as far as the theater and scripts in question. I will not say too much more pampered chapters and the futurecome, , so it will not. But be warned ! Do not skip a chapter, or lost in the. So much to arrive at an answer in the chapters. Read future chapters, and enjoy! Please email me and let me know as I do if jacobmillertex aol. com, thanks ! } EDITOR'S CORNER : that... I did not know that Ron was a patron of Jacob, the cranky old grouch in a house nursing me! Harumph ! Now I feel each of my 59 years not honest, I'm not crazy. But there were some or all they say and think Jacob, I was asleep. Ok, let me give a little background : I graduated from high school in June 1969th This was the same as in the summer of the Stonewall riots in New York, where No gays stood up against police harassment around meeting places. I was born in 1951. For a vision of my life until, seeing the old comedies like "Leave It to Beaver," " My Three Sons," " Father Knows Best" and the like. In those days, the issue of homosexualitynot discussed. It seems that most s every family had a " confirmed bachelor " uncle, but never discussed for which he was not married, but he always respected and includes in family events. I knew from an early age I liked boys, but not realize what had to be. I had no reference to any database thinking about. The most I knew that I had been warned not to jump on the side South of Washington Park, was there because there were men who bad activities to do in the young. If I had known what to say about my mother, I probably a straight line to the south side made ​​the park! The term "gay" if homosexuals were used in the summer of 1969, , and the situation of Stonewall. It was organized by homosexuals for the first time is visible, which was the birth of the Gay Pride March. was 'playing ' here and there, if I have pants to escape some of them might boy, but had no name for it. I knew he was attracted passionate a men. It was my first year in college, liVing in a bedroom of " when you finally put two and two together " and I had three ! Now, for you young people realize that there was no Internet, no visible to the gay community. There was no way to find a teen of the information needed to understand their own reality. 's first openly gay character on TV I remember was Billy Crystal characters in the TV series "Soap. " Billy played the character of Jodie Dallas , the youngest son of a mother is now in a second marriage. Jodie was witty and really out there as a person and his screen sexuality. In today's terminology, which was a queen of fire. " Soap" 85 episodes ran from 1977 to 1981 and pioneered many issues social, not just the gay issue. I hope those who are under 40 years, a glimpse of what it was as a gay guy who is completely in the dark without the help of his are enlightened and informed. To say it was an adventure is an understatement! of NEXt n is the time "Daddy " Rick
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